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Terms and Conditions
Warranty and Return Instructions
DOA / RMA Request and Return Instruction
Exchange / Refund Policy
Payment Policy
    Warranty and Return Instructions
  1. All OEM CPUs have a 20 days warranty from purchase date. Damaged pins or body due to misuse voids the warranty.
  2. Defective products have a one (1) year warranty. Defective products will be replaced as new if returned to Star within (30) days from the date of purchase. Any products received after (30) days from the original invoice date will be repaired or replaced only.
  3. Star does not support the manufacturer's warranty on any product beyond one (1) year unless otherwise stated on the original invoice. For any manufacturer who offers a warranty on products exceeding one (1) year, it is the buyer's responsibility to deal directly with the manufacturer for any repairs of the product beyond the first year of warranty.
  4. LIMITED WARRANTY Generally, Star Microsystems offers no warranty other than one year and can be limited to less, depending on product and manufacturer policy with Star Microsystems. In most cases should manufacturer have warranty change during the first year, Star Microsystems will abide by their change when it affects or limits the first year warranty.

    Some Goods offered may come with a limited warranty and may be shorter than one year. In the event any Good has a manufacturer’s warranty beyond one year or as limited by Star Microsystems, it is the BUYER’s responsibility to deal directly with the manufacturer for any repairs or replacements that occur beyond the one year warranty, or the limited warranty. During Star Microsystems warranty period, Star Microsystems will repair or replace all Goods which prove to be defective during the specified Star Microsystems warranty period. However, customer must first obtain a RETURN AUTHORIZATION (RMA) number prior to returning, and Star Microsystems will not warrant any Goods which have been subjected to improper freight handling / shipping, abuse, neglect, or unauthorized repair or installation. The warranty also will not cover Goods installed with non-Star Microsystems components and or parts with broken warranty seals, missing serial number or having assembly trace damage. Physical damage or customer induced damage voids any Star Microsystems warranty. This warranty policy does not extend beyond the original BUYER. Star Microsystems reserves the right to request the total cost of any replacement of Goods or the Goods itself, if later the Goods returned for warranty service are found to be physically damaged by the BUYER.
  5. Star does not warranty any products that have been subject to improper use, abuse or physical damage. Removal of any serial number or warranty labels will also void such warranty of product.
  6. Inspection: The buyer shall inspect goods at the time of delivery and shall notify Star on any defect or discrepancies within one (1) day of receipt of goods.
  7. Systems, Notebooks, and On-site Warranty: Cannot be returned for credit or stock rotation. All DOA or warranty authorization is provided after troubleshooting with Star technical support prior to RMA being issued. System problems will be corrected or repaired and are no replaced with different unit. All on site warranty service will be base on prior arrangements printed on original invoice. Otherwise it will be charge for traveling fee.

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    DOA / RMA Request and Return Instruction

If a product fails (i.e. does not properly function, hereinafter " DOA Product") and is returned to Star within (7) days of the invoice date, Star will replace the DOA product subject to (a) the Product's availability and (b) the Customer obtaining a valid RMA number.

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    Exchange / Refund Policy

In order to return products to Star, you must first obtain a Star's RMA number from Star. Star will not accept any returned products unless it is within Star's one (1) year warranty. All unauthorized packages will be refused by Star Receiving Department and be returned to the customer unprocessed and at the customer's expense. Do not add non-items or products to an issued RMA number as any unauthorized item or product will refuse or the entire shipment may be refused.

Shipping Instructions: Once you receive the RMA number for repair of the product, the product must be returned within (5) working days to Star. After (5) working days the RMA number will be canceled and all shipments will be refusing. All RMA numbers must be clearly printed on the outside of each carton containing the product before it is shipped to Star. All items returned must be properly packaged to prevent damage during shipment. Use equal or better than original packaging. Any Products damaged during shipping will be the sole responsibility of the shipper. All RMA returns must be shipped prepaid. No collect shipment or any out of country shipment requiring a Broker or Customs Fee will be accepted.

  1. Products for Repair Only. Do not enclose the manuals, disks, or retail pack with the returned product (except in the case of Monitors). The vendor does not repackage or supply these items on repair and Star cannot return the same items. Only the item sent for repair will be returned. All extra items sent will be discarded by vendor and cannot be replaced. In the event a product under warranty cannot be repaired or replaced, an alternative product of equal or greater performance will be provided. Star may however, in its sole discretion, issue a credit on said product under warranty under warranty no grater that its current market value
  2. DOA Products: DOA product replacement will be returned to the customer as received by the customer. (i.e. should the product be returned to Star without cables, box, manual, etc., then Star will only replace the same item received)

Customer may be referred directly to certain manufacturers to process RMA's directly. Customers will be notified at the time of requesting RMA service, which manufacturers' offer direct service.

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    Payment Policy
  1. We accept cash, credit card, cashier check or money order.
  2. Company check accepted after prior approval by Star Microsystems Inc.
  3. Driver's License required for identification
  4. No personal checks
  5. No starter check (name of company, etc.must be imprinted on check.)
  6. No second-party checks or credit cards
  7. Past due payments will accrue monthly interest charges at 1.5%

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